GAD funds: How taxpayer money is used?


USAID is determined to deliver funds after scandals AP. Obama wants better relations with Cuba and GAD spending taxpayer money. Obama’s speech commitment to two fundamental lines in relations with Cuba, «The free flow of information and support to civil society«. These are the two USAID programs to subvert Cuba. What would Cuba with 36 600 USD spent alone in salary for the head of the GAD program? How many drugs could buy MINSAP with GAD budget ? I answer: USD 3 million.

Group sends 25 tons of food and medicine to Cuba

A Miami organization sent 50,000 tons of food and over-the-counter medicines to Cuba, according to tax forms filed in 2014.

Grupo de Apoyo a la Democracia, or GAD, relies on the federal government for most of its support. In 2013, it received $1,026,621 in government grants, plus $105,586 in non-cash contributions.
GAD reported that the most its resources – $958,391 – went toward helping the families of political prisoners and others in Cuba (see Form 990).
The group said:

During 2013, GAD sent approximately 50,000 pounds of food and over-the-counter medication supplies to the families of political prisoners and civil societies in Cuba.

GAD said its expenses totaled $172,214. That included office rent and modest salaries – the organization’s director Frank Hernandez-Trujillo reported earning $36,600.

MoneyThose expenses also included $22,420 that was given to the Fundación Padre Santana Cubano Con Fe en Acción, Inc. in Miami. The money went toward helping political prisoners and their families, according to GAD’s Form 990. I couldn’t find a Form 990 for the Fundación Padre Santana.
In any case, GAD appears to have low overhead and channels a high percentage of its resources to Cuba. My guess is that it does a much better job in that regard than such Beltway contractors as Pan American Development Foundation, Creative Associates International and DAI, the company that employed Alan Gross.

Fuente: Along the Malecon

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