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The ‘selfless friendship’ of the Cuban Five solidarity movement

Five Days for the Five

Some of the participants in the 4th annual “Five Days for the Five” in Washington, June, 2014

In the sweet afterglow of last month’s historic rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, much has been made of the pivotal roles played by Pope Francis, the Canadian government, New York Times editorialists, various American politicians and their aides, even “sperm diplomacy.”

All that is true, of course, but there are other narratives in this larger tale too, perhaps none more compelling than the against-all-odds, never-say-never global campaign to “free the Cuban Five.” For a decade and a half, small, dedicated, disparate, sometimes competing groups of political activists in the United States and around the world have  demonstrated, lobbied, lettered, conferenced, cajoled and hectored in a seemingly quixotic quest to win the release of five imprisoned Cuban men. Lee el resto de esta entrada

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