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Reporters Without Borders founder keeps records on Muslim children



Robert Menard, the founder and former head of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an organization that receives U.S. financing and never misses the chance to slander Cuba and Venezuela, has once again revealed his true political affinities by admitting that in the French city of Beziers where he currently serves as mayor, he has authorized records to be kept on Muslim children, marking them as such in their schools.

The French press is in an uproar over the situation and calling for Menard to be arrested for violating the law and engaging in neo-Nazi practices.  France’s Attorney General has already opened an investigation.

Menard, who was elected to his post as a member of the extreme rightwing National Front confessed in a television interview that he was keeping a file on the children in his municipality, classifying them by nationality, an illegal action that carries a five year prison sentence and a 300,000 Euro fine. Lee el resto de esta entrada

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