Honduran congress honors Fidel

El Líder de la Revolución cubana, Fidel Castro, también ha sido también recibió la distinción "El Mérito a la Vida" por parte del canal árabe Al- Mayadeen.

The Honduran Congress awarded its highest distinction to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, in recognition of the island’s constant support and solidarity offered to the Central American nation.
The Grand Cross Extraordinary with a Gold Plaque, awarded by the Honduran Congress, is a distinction which has only been presented to national leaders or former leaders, as well as Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon.
Cuban Ambassador to Honduras, Sergio Oliva, accepted the accolade in acknowledgement of the contribution made by Cuban professionals across various sectors such as education, health, sports and disaster response.
During the act, the President of the Honduran Congress, Mauricio Oliva, said that the one chamber parliament wished to recognize and highlight the contribution of the indisputable Latin American leader, Fidel Castro, to the causes of human solidarity around the world.
He noted the efforts of Cuban collaborators after hurricanes Francelia, (1969), Fifi (1974) and Mitch (1998) hit the country; treating 300,000 citizens suffering from sight problems through Operation Miracle and teaching another 250,000 to read and write with the Yo, sí puedo (Yes, I can) literacy program.
Oliva also thanked the Cuban leader for receiving and training hundreds of young Honduran students in the Latin American School of Medicine and contributing to the professional development of coaches in order to better prepare athletes across various sporting disciplines.
“Thank you Cuban brothers, our people hold in the depths of their heart all these expressions of love and fraternity shown over many decades by the people and government of the sister Republic of Cuba,” Oliva highlighted.
For his part, the island’s ambassador thanked the Honduran Congress for the gesture, and in particular the representatives of the Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE), for their contribution to the decision to award the distinction.
Participating in the ceremony were former president Manuel Zelaya, leader of LIBRE; members of the diplomatic corps and the Cuban medical brigade.

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